Aug.29.17 at 02:02 am

My last two conventions of the year are coming up!


I will be at San Francisco Zinefest on September 3rd in Golden Gate Park with a table full of tiny zines and original watercolor mermaids in teacups. It's a more themed table than I usually do and I'm really excited to get to share off this flock of beauties. They look so pretty you guys ;_;


The following weekend I'll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland from September 8-10 at table A-03 (map here). I will have all and sundry things including the debut of my second teamaids artbook/zine and a sketch zine of Missing Monday drawings, collecting my favorites from the June daily drawing exercise. I will also be offering tiny painting commissions in advance or on site, details about how to reserve a commission slot are posted here.


Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!

(After I catch my breath I'll also update my con schedule for 2018, but so far I am waiting to finalize my spot in Emerald City 2018 and I just reserved my hotel for Clexacon in Vegas. So those two are happening for sure!)

Apr.18.17 at 12:33 am

Missing Monday is on patreon!

Fan of my work and looking for a way to show your support? Consider becoming a monthly backer on patreon! $5 backers will get early access to each week's update before it goes live on the site as well as access to the exclusive patreon-only online gallery of teamaid paintings ^_^

The patreon is also chugging along towards its very first goal which will unlock PDFs for all backers of one of my early minicomics! I have plans in mind for future funding goals as well, I hope to be able to unveil them soon!

Sep.20.16 at 11:47 pm


Erstwhile volume 3 is now live on kickstarter!

Gina, Louisa and I have launched the kickstarter for the third and final volume of our fairytale anthology, Erstwhile! This volume collects the last 9 stories posted to our site and an all-new book exclusive short that I'll be illustrating if our project funds :D

This volume would include two of my all time favorite stories that I've adapted for Erstwhile: The Singing Springing Lark and The Twelve Huntsmen. Both comics center around adventurous female characters going on two very different quests to win back their beloveds. Hopefully we can get them into print! (At the time of the post we are SUPER CLOSE you guys! Just a little bit more and we can start aiming for stretch goals!)

You can check out our kickstarter site for more info, previews of the comic, and a look at some of the cool goodies available to backers only (I'm dying for one of those lunchboxes myself ^__^).

Thank you so much for your support!


Aug.23.16 at 12:09 am

Rose City Comic Con 2016

Last con for me this year is Rose City Comic Con September 10-11 in Portland! It’s an awesome show and everyone is always so nice, I’m so excited to be back :D Plus, Portland! (Who’s going to eat all the donuts and shop all the thrift stores? Hint, mee)

I’ll be tabling in the Artist Alley at table A-08.

Some of the things I’ll have at my table this year:

  • Erstwhile volume 1&2 hardcovers
  • debut of the teamaid zine!
  • original charm jewelry
  • tiny watercolor paintings
  • original and fanwork prints

My commission queue is also officially open! If you’re interested in nabbing a wee watercolor of your very own you can either contact me in advance for a pre-order (cozyfire @ gmail) or swing by my table early in the weekend to reserve a spot. Hope to see some of you guys there ^_^

Aug.10.15 at 11:30 pm

Missing Monday is now on patreon!

If you’re a fan of the comics I make and you’re looking for a way to show your support, consider becoming a monthly patreon backer. Backers will get early access to each week’s Missing Monday page and behind the scenes peeks at stuff I’m working on.

As always, thanks so much for reading, sharing, enjoying, and supporting my work! <3

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