posted May.23.17 at 12:18 am

Huh, that's... not normal.

Bit of a cliffhanger page this week, clarity coming next week :3

Also as a reminder for local folks, I'll be tabling at Fanime Friday through Monday this weekend! Table 902 in the artist alley, right up at the front (I've never been up at the front, I'm a little terrified)

Apr.18.17 at 12:33 am

Missing Monday is on patreon!

Fan of my work and looking for a way to show your support? Consider becoming a monthly backer on patreon! $5 backers will get early access to each week's update before it goes live on the site as well as access to the exclusive patreon-only online gallery of teamaid paintings ^_^

The patreon is also chugging along towards its very first goal which will unlock PDFs for all backers of one of my early minicomics! I have plans in mind for future funding goals as well, I hope to be able to unveil them soon!

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