Posted Apr.17.18 at 12:53 am
Last week's page ended the chapter so I'm taking a small break before starting up the next one ^_^ Please enjoy this little painting of Monday and Foyle sharing a crepe. We just had our Cherry Blossom festival here in SF and it put me in the mood to draw some delicious street food (yum~)

My last two conventions of the year are coming up!


I will be at San Francisco Zinefest on September 3rd in Golden Gate Park with a table full of tiny zines and original watercolor mermaids in teacups. It's a more themed table than I usually do and I'm really excited to get to share off this flock of beauties. They look so pretty you guys ;_;


The following weekend I'll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland from September 8-10 at table A-03 (map here). I will have all and sundry things including the debut of my second teamaids artbook/zine and a sketch zine of Missing Monday drawings, collecting my favorites from the June daily drawing exercise. I will also be offering tiny painting commissions in advance or on site, details about how to reserve a commission slot are posted here.


Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!

(After I catch my breath I'll also update my con schedule for 2018, but so far I am waiting to finalize my spot in Emerald City 2018 and I just reserved my hotel for Clexacon in Vegas. So those two are happening for sure!)

Convention Schedule:



April 5-9, 2018

Las Vegas, NV



Rose City Comic Con

September 8-10, 2018

Portland, OR


Kraken Con

September 28-30, 2018

Oakland, CA